Headstrong Counselling Hammersmith & Fulham, London, provides:

Low cost, short and long term, confidential mental health counselling sessions.

We offer the following:

  1. Psychodynamic Therapy: An effective therapy for a range of mild to complex psychological difficulties, particularly those that can impact on relationships, depression, anxiety, post traumatic difficulties, couple difficulties, and personality difficulties.

  2. Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy: A talking therapy that can help manage problems by changing the way we think and behave. It is commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, but can be useful for other mental and physical health conditions.

  3. Rational Emotive Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy: A specific treatment of 8-12 sessions beneficial for individuals with co-occurring anxiety and depressive difficulties and anxiety diagnoses such as anxiety disorder.

  4. Existential Therapy: The primary aim of existential therapy is to help people face anxieties of life, to find meaning and to live fully in the present. Existential therapy is well suited to those facing issues of existence, for example, those with a terminal illness, those contemplating suicide, or transition in their life.

  5. Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy: A short-term,16 sessions, individual therapy protocol for mood disorders. It is specifically designed to address presenting symptoms of depression and anxiety.

  6. Interpersonal Therapy: A time-limited, 16 sessions, individual therapy protocol for depression and grief. The main focus of IPT is on relationships.

  7. Person-Centered Therapy: A non-authoritative approach where the therapist acts as a compassionate facilitator, listening without judgment and acknowledging the person’s experience.

  8. Couples Counselling: A talking therapy designed for couples to discuss their thoughts, feelings and behaviours within their relationship.

Following your assessment, we aim to pair you with a counsellor most suitable to your needs.

Sessions are 50-minutes and are provided by trainee counsellors.


Fees are dependent on your income. Sessions will be costed at £15—£25. Couples counselling is charged at £30 per session for two people.

How it works

Book a confidential assessment through our digital booking system, at a time that suits you best. All assessments are charged at £20. Assessments last 50 minutes, where we invite you to tell us what you need help with. We will also ask you to complete two brief questionnaires for anxiety and depression.

After your assessment we will get you booked in with one of our counsellors.

Our current average time between assessment and counsellor allocation is 2 days.

If we feel you need a fully qualified counsellor, we will let you know and refer you appropriately.

For further information please email: